Greensboro Wedding Photographer | Josh and Samantha


Josh and Samantha's charming Chapel Hill wedding was awesome to be a part of.  They were are such a power couple, with incredible people surrounding them...  And it didn't hurt that they had the best wedding beer list I'd ever seen.   I've been really blessed this year with couples who are top notch people in general, and these two were no exception.   Here's to Josh and Samantha and to many years of marriage.  



Greensboro Wedding Photographer | Ryan and Rebecca


Some weddings are classic; this one was classically southern.  From the old farmhouse to the open barn, the antique pickup, sweet tea, and hot summer sun, Rebecca and Ryan's farmhouse wedding was exactly that.  Even when the lights went out, the band kept playing, and that's when you know you've done it right.

Here's to Rebecca and Ryan and many years ahead!  



Venue and Catering by: Harvest House & Catering 

Live Entertainment by the ever-talented:  Gypsy Danger