Greensboro Wedding | Ethan and Taylor


Taylor and Ethan's wedding was the third in my very first three-wedding-in-three-days weekend.  I was exhausted; I was beat down; I was jacked up on caffeine, but I knew I had a heck of a day waiting for me on a rooftop in my old stomping ground with one of my favorite families.  Taylor is one of four daughters in a family that essentially counted my wife and me as their own when we first moved to Greensboro three years ago.  Their lovingkindness and zest for life are an inspiration to us, and are one of the reasons why we still head back to visit that little non-denominational church in GSO every few months -- despite the fact that we've been gone longer than we were ever there.  They're just so good at making us feel at home, that we belong.

So it was an honor and a privilege to share in this special day with the Starr family and Taylor and Ethan.  It was standing room only at The Kress in downtown Greensboro, and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful.  Taylor and Ethan, you have a tremendous group of individuals surrounding you, loving you, mentoring you, and lifting you up in prayer.  Never take it for granted.  



Greensboro Wedding Photographer | Ryan and Rebecca


Some weddings are classic; this one was classically southern.  From the old farmhouse to the open barn, the antique pickup, sweet tea, and hot summer sun, Rebecca and Ryan's farmhouse wedding was exactly that.  Even when the lights went out, the band kept playing, and that's when you know you've done it right.

Here's to Rebecca and Ryan and many years ahead!  



Venue and Catering by: Harvest House & Catering 

Live Entertainment by the ever-talented:  Gypsy Danger

Greensboro Maternity Photographer | Alex and Heather


Meet Alex and Heather, two incredible people that my wife and I were lucky enough to get to know over the last few years.  They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby boy, Silas, so we took to the woods to capture that baby bump before it's gone!  Many thanks to the Dunkelberger Family for letting us tromp around their property...  I can't wait to meet Baby Silas in the next few weeks!


Husband and Wife
Walking Through Forest
Holding Hands in Forest
Maternity in Field
Pregnant Holding Hands
Pregnant Belly at Sunset
Holding Pregnant Belly
Walking Into Sunset
Maternity Sitting Down
Couple Holding Belly
Couple Back to Back