Chapel Hill Photographer | The Fairbaugh Family


 It had been a while since Kalie and I had seen our good friends from college, and we had fun showing them around Chapel Hill and seeing baby Judah again. 

You know how you hear stories of parenting being easy?  Of children who sleep all through the night, who smile and laugh despite being sick, who love meeting new people?

This is that family.  Josh and Kristen are well aware that Judah is a special little guy.  He actually had a fever when these pictures were taken!  While their next little one may not be this easy, they're enjoying the happy boy they have now.  As you can see, that's pretty easy to do.  


Fairbaugh Family Holding Hands
Family of Three
Smiling Little Boy
Smiling Family
Baby Shoes
Mother with Son
Parents with Son
Tired Boy